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Roger Rose has video taped over 2000 weddings, parties and events over the last 20 years. We use the newest Sony digital 3-chip cameras, ensuring the highest quality picture and sound. We also use Apple Final Cut editing, the same editing system used by CNN.

Rose Video brings your wedding memories to life, recording all the colorful sights and beautiful sounds just as they happen. Rose Video's service begins with a no-obligation consultation with the bride and groom, to view a sampling of my work. Using a documentary style, Roger is one of the first to arrive and stays the full day, up through the bouquet toss if you have one. We encourage your creative input to make your wedding video uniquely yours.

For a hit at the reception, Rose Video will create a Photo Montage of photographs supplied by the bride and groom and family, producing a beautiful, moving pictorial history of the wedding couple set to your favorite music, and play this on a monitor or project it onto a big screen.

Ceremony Only Package:

Complete Wedding Ceremony recorded by three cameras, two operators followed by part of the Receiving Line and Departure from the Church. Fully edited together onto one DVD........ $800 - $950 (varies by number cameras up to 5, by Location, Sound links, rehearsal, etc)
Limited Package:

Begins with a montage of pre-wedding video clips set to music, complete Wedding Ceremony, three cameras and two operators, Part of Reception Line, Departure from the Church, Arrival at the Reception, Social Hour, Speeches, and First Dance....... $1250.00

Complete Wedding Day Coverage includes:

The coverage includes Wedding day preparations at the beauty shop or brides home, arrival at the church, pre-wedding shots at the church, the Wedding Ceremony, Receiving Line and departure from the church. Complete Reception coverage includes arrival of the bride and groom, social hour, Cake Cutting, Toasts, Casual Interviews, Dancing, Bouquet and Garter Toss and 3 DVD's of Wedding and Reception ...........$1450.00

Additional Options:

Photo Montage - up to 100 Pictures recorded with your favorite music onto video tape or DVD. Rose Video will bring a video projector and big screen, or if you prefer we will play it continuously on a TV monitor................. all this for only an additional $150.00 when shown on the day of the wedding.

Duplication of additional DVDs when ordered before wedding/editing...... $25.00 ea

For Event coverage such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Reunions, Sporting events, Theatre performances, Concerts, and any other special events, please call to see how we can work together and arrange exactly what you are looking for!! Please note: Ceremony extending longer than 60-minutes will add $150. Extended travel will add 1$ per mile for distances over 20 miles.

"Why a Professional Should Videotape Your Wedding" By Roger Rose
The videotaping of weddings has become increasingly popular and today is expected almost as much as a still photographer.  The average person may not realize the potential of a well-done video. 
Four main reasons explain their importance.  First of all, there are equipment differences.  An uncle's camcorder might be fine for family gatherings and vacations, but a professional usually has many thousands of dollars invested in equipment.  An extremely important consideration is experience and technique.  A professional will have planned the shooting angles, lighting and sound, and knows proper techniques of shooting video.  Often two or three cameras will be used to allow the switching back and forth between viewpoints as would be done in any professional television show.  The professional can edit their different camera angles together and add music, titles and still pictures to create an artistic record of your wedding.  An amature friend or relative would most likely be sitting in the audience with a hand held camera getting a bouncy shot of the back of the bride and groom, along with the backs of the heads of the people sitting in front. It is almost a sure thing that the amateur would not get clear audio with just the microphone on the camera.  Even if a friend is experienced and competent with video, one should consider whether he will be able to separate himself from the event enough to do a good job.  At the reception, a friend will want to be eating, drinking and partying more than shooting video.  Often the camera ends up sitting on the table, whereas a professional has only one reason for being there - to shoot video. 
To quote from a letter to Ann Landers - "Strange how a young couple or their parents will spend $1,000 for professionally-arranged flowers, $300 for a professionally- decorated cake, and $800 for a professionally-made gown. The morning after the ceremony the flowers have wilted, the cake is eaten, and the gown is hung in a dark closet. Yet, to save a few dollars, people will ask an amateur to produce something that will last forever and be one of their most charished possessions."




Roger and assistant years ago in 1980's.


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A word from Roger... A while back, I received a call and visit from a young bride, who had her friend video tape her wedding and reception and now she wanted to convert this onto DVD. It had been two months since her wedding and she asked to watch her wedding video as we loaded it into my system. As we watched together, I cringed, finding it hard to believe what I saw. The camera was obviously not on a tripod so the picture was shaking, the white balance was off, and the digital gain was on, and it looked a bit like a bad cartoon. While watching her video, I recognized the photographer she choose, and I could tell by the floral arrangements and decorations, the location of the reception, and the band she choose, that there was quite a bit of money spent on this wedding. I was surprised that she did not choose a professional videographer. Unfortunately, many people have not seen what a well produced professional video looks like. When the bride came back to pick up her DVD's, she watched a recent wedding video that I was working on, and said she wished she would have seen this before her wedding, she didn't know how good she could have looked. Please come see my work before you decide!!

Wedding Date:

Roxy & Rick Sullivan

(612) 719-8923

Wedding:  Sept 17, 2011
Kathy & Ryan Moreck
(952) 913-2629     
Wedding:  August 1, 2009
Katie and Paul Young
(952) 239-4115 c#
Wedding:  July 17, 2009
Jennifer & Chris Lindell
(612) 327-6867
Wedding:  June 27, 2009
Parents Lori & Jeff Marks
(651) 690-2945
2Weddings: Sarah June 21, 2009
& Heather Aug 20, 2006
Catherine & Steve Kucera
(612) 600-9721
Wedding:  June 6, 2009
Janna & Ryan Westfall
(763) 428-4102
Wedding:  May 30, 2009
Amanda & Josh Huber
(612) 250-7227
Wedding:  May 21, 2009
Karyn & Jorge Pimentel
(651) 271-0621
Wedding:  Nov 29, 2008
Jennifer & Scott Chastek
Scott c# 651-245-5675
Wedding:  Sept. 13, 2008
Amanda & Jason Kempthorne
1(763) 257-4641
Wedding:  Oct 11, 2008
Angie & Brad Zielinski
(612) 483-9359
Wedding:  August 16, 2008
Bride Joyce Perrin
(651) 641-0612
Wedding: August 2, 2008
Shellee & Bruce Olson
(952) 380-7910
Wedding:  July 19, 2008
Emily & Mike Picha
(651) 270-2759
Wedding:  June 21, 2008
Jennifer & Curt Bahrns
(612) 281-0789
Wedding:  June 14, 2008
Brigid & Tony Renken
(952) 200-4173
Wedding:  May 10, 2008
Courtney & Ryan VanderVeen
(651) 587-7403
Wedding:  May 24, 2008
Lesley & Nate Woodbury
(612) 270-7669
Wedding:  March 28, 2008
Imogene & Nick Kaufman
1 (630) 803-4309
Wedding: October 28, 2007
Betsy & Justin Joyce
(651) 428-9249
Wedding: Sept. 28, 2007
Lara & David Bauer
(612) 251-0739
Wedding: June 29, 2007
Stacy & Lenny Markowitz
(612) 382-6088
Wedding: August 4, 2007
Jessica & Joe Keating
(320) 224-7778
Wedding: July 14, 2007
Katie Toppin, Mother of Bride
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Wedding: June 16, 2007
Jennifer & Mike Spreigl
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Wedding: May 19, 2007
Jamee & Ben Stasik
Jamee w# (612) 977-5272
Wedding: May 12, 2007
Rachel & Jason McEwen
(651) 387-5312 or
(651) 773-3533
Wedding: April 28, 2007
Brooke & Jeremy Willet
Brooke w# 612-623-0830
Wedding: April 14, 2007
Kim & Brian Morris
(612) 203-9454
Wedding: March 3, 2007
Mary Falk, Mother of Bride
(763) 443-6605
Wedding:  Jan 5, 2007
Laura Beth & Adam Anderson
(612) 710-7821
Wedding:  Dec 9, 2006
Amanda & Scott Finn
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Wedding:  Sept 2, 2006
Melissa & Justin Phad
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Wedding: July 28, 2006
Dina & Manuel Guitierrez
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Wedding:  June 24, 2006
Jennifer & Cory Grewing
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Wedding: June 10, 2006
Chelsea & Seth Wigel
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Wedding: May 27, 2006
Randy & Katrina Lesota
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Wedding: March 11, 2006
Sarah & Derek Score
(952) 934-5766
Reception October 15, 2005
Nicole & Jason Pulczinski
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Wedding Sept. 2, 2005
Jill & Matt Johnson
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Wedding August 20, 2005
Mandy & Jason Burr
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work: 612-291-4131 direct
Wedding July 30, 2005
Ashlee & Jeremy Thomas
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Wedding July 16, 2005
Sue London, Mother of Bride
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Wedding July 3, 2005
Rachel & Jason Freed
(763) 529-9325
Wedding June 25, 2005
Katie & Brian Hielt
(651) 690-4820
Wedding June 8, 2005
Lee & Michael Holland
work  (612) 375-1550
cell  (612) 839-9709
Wedding Sept. 20, 2004
Kerry Ann & Jim Kenny
(763) 545-3316
Wedding June 11, 2005
Bridget & Mike Holloran
(763) 785-0343
Wedding May 7th, 2005
Heather & Brad LaRock
(612) 281-7513
Wedding April 2, 2005
Wendy & Craig
(612) 920-2428
Wedding Jan. 29, 2005
Stacy & Derek Mitchell
(612) 861-1104
Wedding May 29, 2004
Jacob & Tyree Johnson
(952) 432-9002
Wedding Nov. 6, 2004
Jena Christianson,
      Mother of Bride Talia
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Wedding Oct. 23, 2004
Lindsay & Aaron Zamzow
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Wedding Nov 13, 2004
Lisa & Jon Aldrich
(763) 577-1777 or (763) 553-2940
Wedding August 7, 2004
Tonya & Mike Grover
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Wedding June 19, 2004
Meredith & Marc Seaberg
(952) 926-0810
Wedding June 18, 2004
Joan, Mother of Bride Meredith
(952) 835-4009
Meredith & Marc Wedding June 18, 2004
Lynn Clancy, Mother of Bride Kim
(651) 459-8952
Kim & David Wedding June 25, 2004

Sue & Jason Nordemeyer

(651) 460-6077

Wedding February 28, 2004

Denise & Andy Millis

(507) 289-5632 or (763) 576-9813

Wedding Sept 27. 2003

Kristin & Rodney Rushing

(612) 706-8744

Wedding Sept 13, 2003

Lezlie & Chris Helfmann

(952) 939-0630

Wedding July 12, 2003














A word from a former Bride...
My husband and I were married on February 27, 1993.  After 12 wonderful years of marriage, we feel one of our most treasured keepsakes of that day is our wedding video.  We now have had four children and they enjoy watching the video as much as we do.  Although our still pictures turned out great, our wedding video actually captured the day as it happened and this is priceless.   Now my husband is celebrating his 50th birthday.  I wanted to put together a photo montage of his life.  I was very happy to hear Rose Video is still in business.  I was real impressed with Roger's new digital cameras, his computer editing, and the quality of his work.  The montage turned out great and he also put our wedding video tape onto a DVD.
Leslie Lundgren
(612) 703-8390